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Created: 10/11/2021

The first IQNET Day Celebration will be held on November 11, 2021. The main slogan of this event is: We are IQNET

Official poster for the celebration of IQNET Day 2021

It is a celebration of the entire IQNET community and its aim is to celebrate the date the association was founded and also the people and organizations who create the association.

Who is IQNET?

 It is the international network of IQNET certification bodies, which is the most numerous and reputable network of certification bodies in the world. It has been operating since 1990 and at present associates 37 certification bodies from around the world. Each of these certification bodies is a leader in its region.


Polish Centre for Testing and Certification has been a partner of IQNET since 1997. The IQNET membership is the result of recognizing our competences as a management system certification body

Exclusive IQNET Partner Recognition certificate

This membership means that all over the world, management system certificates issued by PCBC gain global approval and promotion of partner certification bodies.

What are the benefits from the PCBC participation in IQNET for our clients?

  • The certified organization is associated with an international brand that cannot be provided by any other local certification body
  • The organization is associated with the largest, most credible and reliable certification network in the world and the company’s data is included in the international IQNET database of certified companies
  • The organization receives the IQNET certificate combined with the PCBC certificate
  • Through the international recognition of IQNET and its Partners, contacts and business relationships with local customers, international retailers and purchasers, public bodies and NGOs are facilitated
  • The organization gains access to privileged information on conformity assessment through PCBC
  • The organization may use the IQNET certification mark in promotional and communication materials
  • The organization has access to an innovative portfolio of Member States’ programmes and international services through PCBC (e.g. IQNET Academy)

We are proud to belong to the international network of IQNET certification bodies, whose reputation and high competences make it the most credible and reliable certification organization in the world. We are IQNET !!

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