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Created: 06/10/2016

„Import-export of food, certification, control and supervision of food safety” was discussed over the couple of weeks at the international  seminar organized in the China National Research Institute for Food and Fermentation Industries in Beijing.

Among delegations from 21 countries three representatives from Poland were present including our expert Mr Marek Szymański , Manager of Organic Farming Certification Division of PCBC.

Numerous lectures and discussion panels focused mainly on challenges referring to guaranteeing of  food safety on the world market and supervision of maintaining food quality standards.

Microbiological control of food, production and certification of organic food  as well as aspects of food safety management in export were discussed.

The symposium became an international platform for exchanging of knowledge referring to supervision of food and food certification (including organic food).

The seminar was  followed in an interesting way by study visits to food industry plants in three most important Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. These plants deal among other things with dairy production, production of spices, drinks, breakfast cereal, edible oil, soya products and instant soups (known in Poland as so called “Chinese soups”).

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