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Created: 01/03/2023

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to announce that Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji S.A. (Polish Centre for Testing and Certification) has completed the rebranding process and, as of March 1, 2023, a new logotype has been used.

The decision to rebrand is the next step in the company’s development and strengthening of our market competence.

The PCBC’s new development strategy drawn out in 2022 and the new brand strategy are reflected in the graphic design of the new logotype which is to emphasize the key values such as professionalism, impartiality, reliability and commitment that guide us in our daily work for our Clients.

The 60 years history of our Company is our great source of pride but also a challenge that motivates us to constantly seek an equilibrium between tradition and modernity, stability and continuity.

Therefore, developing a new logo we decided that the eagle present in the logo since 1994 shall stay with us emphasizing our proud heritage. The eagle appeared in our logo on the day the Central Office for Product Quality was transformed into the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification upon an Act of the Polish Parliament.

Besides this element, you will find a symbolic representation of the white and red flag in the new logo, the shape and placement of which emphasize the motif of motion, dynamism, progress and development of our Company. The use of the dark blue color in the logotype is intended to emphasize the fact that we think first and foremost about the business needs of our Clients in our work.

We believe that the new comprehensively developed visual identification system of our Company will facilitate you to navigate among the products offered by the Polish Centrd for Testing and Certification.

In many of our materials you will see a new graphic element symbolizing the 3 main pillars of our services, i.e. CERTIFICATION, TESTING AND TRAINING. These pillars constitute the basis for our business at present. However, our goal is to constantly develop and expand our activities into new areas to need with market needs and the latest global trends. Our new logo while joining modernity with our history is a symbol of this path.

We hope to remain your Partners on the path of quality for a long time to come.

Aleksandra Kostrzewa

President PCBC

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