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Created: 26/10/2018

Prolongation of the EU Ecolabel criteria for Rinse-off Cosmetic Products, Absorbent Hygiene Products, Bed Mattresses and Printed Paper

We would like to inform you that  the Commission Decision 19th October 2018 amending Decisions 2012/481/EU, 2014/391/EU, 2014/763/EU and 2014/893/EU as regards the period of validity of the ecological criteria for the award of the EU Ecolabel for certain products, and of the related assessment and verification requirements, was published.

According to the Decision validity of the criteria was prolonged for product groups listed below:

  • Rinse-off Cosmetic Products until 31st December 2021
  • Printed Paper until 31st December 2020
  • Absorbent Hygiene Products until 31st December 2022
  • Bed Mattresses until 28th July 2022

We invite you to cooperate with us or to extend the validity of the EU Ecolabel certificates.

ecolabelThe Ecolabel is a voluntary eco-labeling program established in 1992. It is part of the European Commission’s actions for sustainable consumption and production as well as the implementation of a policy for sustainable industry. It encourages producers to manufacture goods and provide services that are environmentally-friendly. Every product or service that has the EU Ecolabel meets a number of stringent environmental requirements. At present, approximately 54 100 products and services  with EU Ecolabel available on the market.


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Official EU Ecolabel website:

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