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Created: 13/09/2018

We are pleased to inform you that the quality marks offered by us have been covered by protection law and reserved for the PCBC according to the decision of the Polish Patent Office.

The decision relates to the following marks:



Q” quality mark for food products –  a mark awarded to domestic and foreign products maintaining constant quality parameters. Q quality mark is a symbol of many years tradition and prestige. Products with this mark are distinguished by the highest class and guarantee safety.





”Q” quality mark for chemical products – a mark awarded to fertilizers and media for promoting plant cultivation characterized by unchanging high quality parameters.



znak-BIO z R


”BIO” ecological mark – a mark confirming a product conformity with requirements of organic farming. It is used in labelling and advertising of organic products and manufacturers supervised by the PCBC.



znak-Eko z R


”EKO” ecological mark – a mark awarded to products complying with strictly defined criteria for health protection, no negative impact on the environment and economic use of natural resources throughout the entire life cycle of the product.



znak-Eko-kosmetyk-naturalny z R


EKO ”CERTIFIED NATURAL COSMETIC”  ecological mark – a mark awarded to natural cosmetics within voluntary certification which do not cause negative effects for environment and comply with determined criteria for protection of health, environment and effective use of natural resources throughout the entire life cycle of the product.



gwarantowana-jakosc z R


GUARANTEED QUALITY” – this mark on the product is an information for the customer and seller that the product quality is confirmed by assessment conducted by a certification body independent of the manufacturer, so-called “third party”.



znak-ZKP z R.


FACTORY PRODUCTION CONTROL” – a voluntary mark for owners of the FPC certificates of conformity and certificates of constancy of performance who signed contracts with the PCBC.




”COLLECTIVE GUARANTEE TRADEMARK B PCBC” – a mark confirming that the product used in accordance with rules set by the manufacturer does not pose a risk to life, health and the environment.




znak-System-Zarzadzania z R


Mark of the PCBC certified system – a mark confirming that the Organization has a management system in place, certified by the PCBC, complying with requirements of the standard to which the certificate relates.




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