The first EU ECOLABEL license in Poland for textile products - PCBC S.A.

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Created: 22/05/2019

On 17 April 2019, we granted the first EU Ecolabel for textile products in Poland. The right to use the EU Ecolabel (PL / 016/001) obtained EVO and EVO 2 furniture fabrics produced by the “MIRANDA” company.

Ecological awareness is steadily growing which has the effect of the increasing interest of customers in environmentally-friendly products and ecological approvals. Purchasers demonstrate also greater sensitivity to environmental problems. Four out of five European consumers would like to buy more environmentally-friendly products, provided that these products have been verified by independent competent bodies. Obtaining the EU Ecolabel is such confirmation. The EU Ecolabel awarded to EVO and EVO 2 furniture fabrics manufactured by the “MIRANDA” company is a guarantee of the quality of supplied products and also easiness of identifying products that have a lower environmental impact along their life cycle, with specific improvements so that they:

  • are manufactured using resources and energy more efficiently,
  • are manufactured using cleaner and less polluting processes,
  • are manufactured using less hazardous substances,
  • are designed and specified to be of high quality and durable.

We would like to congratulate the Management Board and employees of the “MIRANDA” company on great ecological awareness, effort put into establishing processes and preparing the documentation and we wish further successes in the implementation of tasks conducive to environmental protection.

For more information about EU Ecolabel certification, please visit – here

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