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Created: 07/10/2016

Last week the meeting of the Polish Group of Notified Bodies was held.

Representatives of 31 Polish bodies notified to the European Commission and to member states,  authorized for performing tasks of the third party in the process of assessment and verification of stability of performance of construction products and representatives of bodies looking forward to obtaining such notification prepared common position which shall be officially presented at the 40th Meeting of the Advisory Group of Notified Bodies under the CPR (AG CPR), scheduled for 11th October 2016.

Discussion focused on projects of new AG CPR guidelines, in particular:

  • assessment and verification of stability of performance in the 2+ system;
  • frequency of surveillance, assessment ansd evaluation of the factory production control;
  • communication between notified bodies and market surveillance bodies.

Some aspects of practical application of the approved AG CPR document, referring to certificate specimens in the 1, 1+ i 2+ systems were also discussed, with particular attention devoted to the scope of information about certified and of the European Commission delegated Regulation on the classification of the reaction to fire performance of construction products.

Representatives of Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction and of Head Office of Construction Supervision  took part in the meeting as well.

For the first time we were pleased to organize the meeting of PGJN and had honour to host its members in our office.

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