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International certification programme under the patronage of the European Spas Association (ESPA)


Where the EuropeSpa is performed

The EuropeSpa Programme is performed all over Europe by competent certification bodies.  In Poland the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification is the body exclusively authorized to conduct the EuropeSpa certification.

The certification is conducted according to the catalogue of requirements of the European EuropeSpa quality programme

All resorts offering  prevention, rehabilitation and relaxation activities become the subject of uniformed quality requirements and thanks to this fact they may be compared with each other.

What is  EuropeSpa?

EuropeSpa is the initiative of the European Spas Association (ESPA) for the appointment of the international group of experts with the purpose to work out uniform industry requirements. ESPA is the only central level organisation acknowledged by the EU institutions which has been representing the interests of national therapeutic, spa and wellness resorts on the European scene since 1995.

Objectives of EuropeSpa

  • working out of uniform quality criteria to improve safety of provided services
  • promoting quality standards and their improving in the area of spa and in healthcare facilities
  • comparison, exchange and promotion of good practices in Europe
  • initiating and supporting research in balneology


Based on the catalogue of requirements containing more than 1000 criteria.

It enhances the level of safety and professional care of visitors.

It is a credible certificate of quality of services offered for customers, travel offices, insurance institutions.

Scope of validity of the EuropeSpa med certification:

  • prevention,
  • therapy,
  • medical-wellness: keeping and improving of health and well-being,
  • rehabilitation..

EuropeSpa med certification takes into consideration:

  • quality and safety of therapeutic treatments,
  • technical condition of medical and treatment (therapeutic) infrastructure,
  • environmental protection,
  • accommodation,
  • gastronomy (including food safety).


The applicant in the EuropeSpa med programme must meet high standards of the European Spas Association.

Areas subject to auditing:

  • System of management and conformity

– General requirements for proper functioning of the spa resort:  quality of medical procedures and structure; therapy plan; preventing measures; final testing, medical report; analysis of natural local remedies   (e.g. healing water, muds) and bioclimate;  balneological report.

– General conformity with local regulations concerning natural local resources and environmental protection: official permit to mine/extract natural medicinal products (healing water, peloids, etc.); quality of drinking water; waste water and waste disposal.

– Therapeutically relevant structure and management of organization: qualifications of physicians, therapists and other medical staff; standards related to health protection in the spa and overall medical care by physicians and  pharmacies; trained and competent quality and safety management personnel

–  Overall quality and safety management:  therapeutic methods; quality assurance during healing therapies and during treatments; data protection/confidentiality; hygiene schemes,  measures preventing pathogenic agents; plans of preventing accidents; safety measures (fire protection, preventing infections, preventing accidents etc.).

– Quality and safety management (aspects specific to spa): analysis of healing water and peloids; documentation concerning analyses of therapy; quality assurance of external procurement of medicinal products and raw materials; risk analysis for medical products; cleaning and disinfection agents with reference to medical waste.

– Analytical quality control:  data management; regular supervision of pumping station, bath, equipment for inhalation and  peloid treatments: measures for checking and preventing Legionnaires’ disease, hygiene of surface.

  • Procurement and delivery of medicinal products

– Protection of springs and medicinal peloids: preservation of environment and resources.

– Production, use and storage of medicinal products (peloids, healing water): storage, preparation and transport, hygiene, reuse,  pre-treatment of bathing water, environmental protection, safety management..

  • Therapies, treatments, swimming pools, wellness

– Medical sector: patient service, patient folders, medical rooms; medicine management; management and infrastructure in case of an emergency.

– Treatment and relaxation zones hygiene management; general adjustment of objects and technical infrastructure..

– Bathing and sauna zones: safety management; bathing standards; cleaning and disinfection of bath and its surroundings; safety and hygiene in sauna areas, Turkish baths and steam baths as well as other regeneration zones and changing rooms

  • Accommodation

– Accommodation and hotel infrastructure: standards of rooms, sanitary facilities and public spaces: hygiene, safety of patients,  other aspects typical for spas, regulations concerning safety and hygiene.

  • Standards of catering

Kitchen: hygiene, HACCP, choice of dishes, catering facilities.

 Certification according to the EuropeSpa med does not cover:

  • location as  a whole
  • production and sale (e.g. of ready medicines, cosmetics and food)


Based on the catalogue of requirements containing more than 1300 criteria.

It is a credible certificate of quality of services offered for customers, travel offices, insurance institutions.

Warranty of safety of services provided in SPA resorts.

Scope of validity of the EuropeSpa wellness certification:

Serviced provided in the scope of relaxation and biological regeneration

EuropeSpa wellness takes into account:

  • wellness infrastructure,
  • wellness services,
  • hygiene and safety of offered treatments,
  • gastronomy and food safety.


The set of applied criteria includes approximately 350 auditing questions checked during the open audit on site and approximately 600 criteria checked anonymously during the “mystery test” conducted by qualified inspector within approximately 18-24 months of date of issue of certificate.

Scopes subject to auditing:

  • Management system and conformity

– overall requirements for spa resorts: structure and processes referring to spa resorts, regeneration programme, medical inspection of regeneration, regeneration courses, cultural amenities, hotel infrastructure, particularly with reference to regeneration;

– overall conformity with regional regulations concerning: environmental protection, drinking water quality, waste water and waste disposal;

– relevant structure and organization: training for therapists, masseurs, regeneration trainers, nutrition assistants, beauticians, trainers, etc. Standards of general health protection and health protection related to spa  provided be medical staff and pharmacies, trained and competent staff in the area of  quality management and  safety management.

– quality management and safety management: products designed for treatment in regeneration, quality assurance in respective regeneration treatments, protection / confidentiality of information, hygiene plans,    security measures (fire protection, infection prevention, accident prevention, etc.), cleaning and disinfection, chemical analysis of water conducted regularly, hygiene of surface.

  • Regeneration treatments

– Spa premises and other treatment and relaxation zones: hygiene management and infection prevention,  overall adaptation of objects and technical infrastructure, safety management, standards for baths and swimming pools, collection of  breakdown information, cleaning and disinfection around bath, safety and hygiene in saunas, Turkish and steam bath as well as in dressing rooms.

  • Accommodation and surroundings

– accommodation for guests: requirements for premises, sanitary appliances and public spaces – hygiene, security of guests, other issues specific to spas, hygiene standards for staff, safety and hygiene regulations;

– catering: regeneration kitchen, overall food safety, overall safety of buildings, special training for kitchen staff and other employees matched to the needs of regeneration centres (including nutrition issues);

– surroundings: peaceful location, air quality, security requirements (illumination, parking  etc.), service infrastructure, information for guests, sports facilities, tourist facilities etc.




Certification aimed at safety and infrastructure of the SPA zone.

The catalogue of requirements contains more than 500 criteria.

It makes it possible for customers to choose the hotel on the basis of a credible quality indicator.

It certifies the above average level of quality and safety of the SPA zone.

It is the part of the EuropeSpa wellness.

Scope of activity of the EuropeSpa hotel SPA:

  • „tourist accommodation services” including spa treatments

Scope of activity of the EuropeSpa hotel SPA:

  • Infrastructure of the Spa zone
  • Safety of services provided in the Spa zone
  • Overall quality of provided services


In case of obtaining the certificate the object shall be subject the surveillance audit within 18-24 months of date of issue of the certificate.


Benefits from Certification

  • the certificate is a symbol of international quality and increases credibility in the market,
  • the facility is presented in an international catalogue of  spa and regeneration centres available all over Europe at with possibility do make on-line booking,
  • regular external assessment conducted by competent auditors makes it possible to continuously increase  quality and safety of provided services in the med, wellness & spa sector,
  • possibility of exchange knowledge and experience with other facilities in the framework of the EuropeSpa family,
  • possibility for certified facilities to make use of special discount offer of civil liability and property insurance offered by Willis Group Holdings plc – leading international insurance broker.

Dedicated to

Industry sectors particularly interested in the EuropeSpa med and wellness certification:

  • Tourism and wellness

Course of Certification Process


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