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EN 14065-piktogram

Biocontamination control system –  Laundry processed textiles.

Description of system

Laundry processed textiles . Biocontamination control system..

The PN-EN 14065 standard describes rules of developing of management system ensuring the microbiological quality of textiles after laundry processing. The system established according to the standard is in conformity with the process approach known from the ISO 9001, except for requirements of the point 7.3. The PN EN 14065 standard was established by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on 20. November 2002, introduced into the set of Polish Standards in original version in 2003 and the Polish version was introduced by the Polish Committee for Standardization in April 2005. The RABC (Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control) is the European standard requirement both for traditional water laundries and for the ones that operate in the co called „clean room” concept.

The principal objective of the standard is to describe the assumed level of microbiological cleanness of textiles serviced by laundries, under consideration of their intended use.  

PCBC S.A. is the new supporting member of the Polish Launderers’ Association.

By virtue of the Resolution of the Board of the Polish Launderer’s Association of 11 July 2013 the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification became the supporting member of the Association.

The Polish Launderer’s Association is an organization operating in Poland which unites natural and legal persons of laundry service industry and parties interested in achieving of high quality laundry services.

Main objectives of the Association linked with the activity of the PCBC S.A.:

  1. Promotion of rules, methods and current achievements ensuring maintenance of highest quality of laundry services
  2. Integration of natural and legal persons acting for promotion and highest quality of laundry services.
  3. Launching initiatives aiming at diffusion of an idea of improvement of quality of laundry services.
  4. Taking actions aiming at launching and common use of certification procedures in laundry services.
  5. Activities for benefit of ensuring respective position of entities providing laundry services.

The Polish Launderers’ Association invites launderers interested in certification to cooperation with the  PCBC S.A.


Benefits from Certification

The benefits resulting from the ISO PN-EN 14065 / RABC implementation and certification mostly quoted by organisations:

  • ensuring hygiene conditions for the staff,
  • achievement of appropriate hygiene conditions for textile subject to laundry processes,
  • ensuring of conformity of law with regulations,
  • taking care for quality of services and hygiene conditions for clients,
  • facilitating of access to new clients and business partners who are required to own the RABC certificate,
  • strengthening of competitiveness of company through implementation and certification of the RABC system.

Dedicated to

Industry sectors which are mainly interested in certification of the RABC System according to the PN EN 14065 standard:

  • Health and Medicine
  • Tourism and Wellness
  • Food Industry
  • Chemistry and Cosmetics

Course of Certification Process


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