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Energy management systems.

Description of system

Energy management systems. Usage requirements and recommendations

In the ISO 50001 standard the requirements for assessment, implementation, maintaining and improving of the energy management system were specified which is aimed at making it possible for the organization to apply a systematic approach to continuously improve the energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.   The standard defines requirements applicable for usage and consumption of energy, including practices of measurement, documentation and reporting, designing and procurement – for equipment, systems, processes and staff contributing to energy performance. The standard is applicable to all variables having an impact on energy performance, which may be monitored and influenced by the organization. The standard for energy management systems was designed in such a way that it may be applied independently; nevertheless it may also be adapted or integrated with  other management systems.

Benefits from Certification

The application of the ISO 50001 (BS EN 16001) standard as a basis for management and reduction of energy consumption may result in:

  • reduction of costs of consumption of resources through their effective utilization,
  • increase of efficiency of organisation through the use of technological and organizational solutions improving the efficiency of utilization energy resources,
  • conformity with present and future legal requirements related to energy efficiency,
  • increased credibility of organization towards business partners,
  • continuous improvement of energy efficiency and performing of energy objectives,
  • reduction of costs of management of emissions to atmosphere,
  • early detecting and adjusting of significant changes by continuous monitoring,
  • the ISO 5001 certificate constitutes an important element of competitiveness on the market.

The ISO 50001 management system certification carried out by us is confirmed by both the PCBC certificate and the IQNET Association – The International Certification Network certificate recognized all over the world

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The standard is applicable to any organization intending to ensure fulfilment of assumptions of its energy policy and intending to demonstrate it to the other. This conformity is confirmed through self-assessment and self-declaration or through energy management system certificate.

Course of Certification Process

Documents for download

  • Application for cost calculation


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