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Occupational health and safety management systems. Requirements and standards.

Description of system

The principal objective of implementing of ISO 45001 standard is to support activities for occupational health and safety. Requirements included therein make it possible for organizations to control risks and improve productivity in the scope of occupational health and safety.

The occupational health and safety management system according to standards ISO 45001 may be introduced in each organization regardless of its size or profile of activity. The implementing of the system helps  organizations to establish policy and objectives in the scope of occupational health and safety, achieving of these objectives and assessment of effectiveness of measures taken.

Standards include requirements regarding among other things identification of threats and assessment of occupational risk connected with them.

Proper management is the most effective way to ensure the high level of occupational health and safety. The success depends on commitment of employees at all levels of organization.

Benefits from Certification

The benefits resulting from the ISO 45001 implementation and certification mostly quoted by organisations:

  • better management of risk factors at workplaces,
  • increased awareness of threats present at workplaces,
  • prevention of accidents and at work and occupational diseases,
  • reduced insurance costs,
  • increased awareness of training in the scope of occupational health and safety,
  • better supervision of subcontractors.

The ISO 45001 management system certification carried out by us is confirmed by both the PCBC certificate and the IQNET Association – The International Certification Network certificate recognized all over the world

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Course of Certification Process


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