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Accreditations of PCBC S.A.

Polish Centre for Testing and Certification is a leading body in the scope of product certification. Obtained certificate guarantee the conformity of a product with properties declared by the manufacturer, defined in regulations or standards.

Selling of goods on different markets makes various demands from manufacturers and distributors such as: safety, health care and environmental protection,  quality of products. Meeting quality standards facilitates reaching clients for whom usefulness, safety, functionality and durability are characteristics of a good product.

PCBC has an accreditation of  PCA – AC 013 in the scope of product certification and notification of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development  in the scope of certification of organic farming no PL-EKO-06. 

Benefits from Product Certification

  • professional company image;
  • reaching world market;
  • guaranteed product repeatability;
  • brand quality;
  • competitive advantage;
  • impact on sales increase;
  • distinguishing of products on the market;
  • access to marketing activities conducted both by UE member countries and other states;
  • creating and maintaining of loyalty of clients/employees.

PCBC S.A. certifies the following product groups

  • Organic Farming
  • Fertilizers
  • Soil Improvers and Stimulators
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical Products
  • Building Products
  • Medical Products
  • General Use Products
  • Food Products
  • Toys

Each year we issue approximately 3000 certificates for products. Our employees conduct certification on the highest level. The almost 60 years’ experience, thorough knowledge of certification processes and comprehensive cooperation with experts from many fields guarantee that certificates offered by PCBC are the quality mark which opens an access to the most demanding markets.

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