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Certification of measures for promoting plant cultivation – our competence

Within the framework of our competence and long years of experience we conduct certification of measures for promoting plant cultivation, i.e.:

  • soil improvers,
  • stimulators of growth,
  • cultivation bases.

Scope of certification

After having met requirements of legal regulations (e.g. obtaining of respective marketing authorization) manufacturers may apply for certificates authorizing to mark products with such quality characteristics as:

  • EU trade mark, called safety mark  „B”,
  • mark „Guaranteed quality”,
  • EKO ecological mark.

Moreover they may apply for certifications confirming conformity with normative documents e.g. Law on fertilizers and fertilizing, Manufacturer’s Declaration.

Confirmation by independent third party is a key element for traceability of certified products on the domestic and foreign markets.


  • Marek Klóska

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. Certyfikacji Produktów Nawozowych, Wyrobów i Inspekcji

    + 48 667 606 161
  • Damian Wawrzecki

    +48 691 901 245
  • Anna Kłaput

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. Sprzedaży i Rozwoju Rynku

    +48 663 130 063
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