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Certification of construction products – our competence

We have over 30 years of experience in assessment of conformity of construction products.

As product certification body we have:

  • accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation (certificate of accreditation AC 013) authorizing to conducts processes of certification in domestic system, as defined in provisions of the law of 16. April 2004 on construction products;
  • authorization of the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction in order to notify European Commission and member states  as institution authorized (no. 1434) to complete tasks defined in the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of 9 March  2011  no. 305/2011, establishing harmonized terms of marketing of construction products  (CPR).

We conduct product certification and certification of factory production control of construction products in the scope regulated by above mentioned legal provisions and in the voluntary scope. The scope of accreditation and authorization includes the activity conducted in the area regulated by the law.

The current scope of accreditation of certification body of products and factory production control is available on the website of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, and the current scope of PCBC notification is available on the NANDO (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) website

We have also the authorisation no. PN-008 of the President of the Polish Committee for Standardization to conduct processes of product certification for conformity with the Polish Standard on behalf of the PCS. The use of such mark is voluntary and constitutes additional advantage of the producer in its position on the market of construction products.

Competence of our employees are constantly developed through their participation in the work of the Polish Group of Notified Bodies and Sector Groups, Advisory Group of Notified Bodies and in the work of Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization and Technical Committee  CEN.

Scope of certification

Information on kind of conducted certification processes in the scope regulated by law and in the voluntary scope is available under the links:

We conduct the processes of voluntary product certification for Mark of Conformity with the Polish Standard  and  for the factory production control (ZKP) mark.

Factory Production Control is a permanent element of the system of conformity assessment and of the system  of assessment and verification of permanence of functional  features of construction products:

  • in the European system – in order to mark with CE marking,
  • in the national system – in order to mark with construction mark B.

Certified customers


Biuro Certyfikacji Wyrobów Budowlanych

  • Karolina Otta-Ptach

    Dyrektor Biura

    +48 663 130 693
    +48 727 034 821
  • Mark of conformity with Polish Standard

    Voluntary "Mark of conformity with Polish Standard" placed on product is a guarantee of the product compliance with Polish Standards relevant to this product.

    Factory Production Control mark

    Factory Production Control (FPC) means the documented permanent, internal control of the production in a factory in accordance with the relevant technical specifications.

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