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Certification of cosmetics

We are an independent certification body competent to award European ecological marking ECO label and EKO ecological mark.

Cosmetics subject to certification obtain quality guarantee to have met strict requirements included in definite national, EU and international quality standards.

This is a reliable confirmation by an indepenent body that certified cosmetics have good quality and environmental properties.

This is also a way of promotion of the use of natural components and alternative solutions consistent with the approach based of sustainable growth.

Scope of certification

On the basis of positively conducted certification process our customers obtain the certificate and the right to mark certified products with EKO mark and EU Ecolabel as well as EKO Certified organic cosmetic mark.

In our offer there is also a certification of GMP – Good Manufacturing PracticesCosmetics accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 22716: 2009.

We also perform product certification for conformity with standard, manufacturer’s certification or other reference document.

The certification of conformity is a confirmation by third party that the certified product meets requirements of documents constituting the basis for certification.

Upon application for certificate of conformity the supplier himself indicates the document being the basis for certification.

Certification of conformity is a confirmation by an independent „third party” that the cosmetic subject to certification meets requirements of documents being the basis for certification, which may be among other things: Polish Standards (PN), Manufacturers’ Specifications or other reference documents.



  • Magdalena Jabłońska-Pudlak

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. Certyfikacji Ecolabel/ Manager of Ecolabel Certification Division

    +48 691 770 746
  • Anna Zalewska

    +48 885 806 101
  • Anna Kłaput

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. Sprzedaży i Rozwoju Rynku/ Manager of Sales and Mark et Development Division

    +48 663 130 063
  • Certified natural cosmetic EKO

    Natural organic cosmetics is a healthy, natural body care.

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