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Training – development guarantees quality

Polish Centre for Testing and Certification understands the need to continuously supplement and improve professional qualifications of employees in view of the continually developing technologies and communication processes.

We conduct effective and innovative training thanks to the highest competence of our trainers and application of up-to-date training techniques. Training offered by us are the guarantee of updating the knowledge from the given field and implementing of new solutions intended to improve the operations of organisation.

On the basis of our long year experience we know which type of training gives measurable benefits. This is particularly important with reference to companies which introduce various kinds of systems and are subject to certain regulations.

Training organized by us are always a reaction to the needs of our clients and business in a broad sense.

Why it is worth chosing our lecturers and trainers

  • they are the high class specialists with experience in different industries and enterprises who understand real challenges;
  • they precisely evaluate the environment of the company;
  • they can analyse effectiveness of your employees and indicate optimum improvements;
  • they use up-to-date training techniques;
  • they provide knowledge, inspiration and (the most important) show the way how to achieve planned results;
  • they satisfy your individual needs and expectations;
  • they shall propose special training forms;
  • they apply open methods of communication: clear, concise and precise;
  • they build a platform of partnership;
  • they continually strive after expanding of their knowledge and competence;
  • they create in a responsible way the working environment based on mutual respect and equal opportunities.

Training conducted by PCBC is a modern and comprehensive tool which guarantees that knowledge, capabilities, skills, and even motivations of employees meet the highest quality standards.


  • Katarzyna Postek

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. szkoleń

    + 48 22 46 45 258
    + 48 665 464 606
  • Mariola Fijewska

    Specjalista ds. Szkoleń

    + 48 22 46 45 508
    + 48 665 464 661
  • Anna Ickiewicz

    Młodszy Specjalista ds. Szkoleń

    + 48 22 46 45 363
    +48 691 335 534