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Accreditations of PCBC S.A.

Polish Centre for Testing and Certification offers the one of the best developed testing processes on the Polish market which gives access to global markets.

Specialized Product Testing provided by our laboratories is a guarantee  of complex and advanced testing processes. Obtained results acknowledge conformity with national, foreign standards and EU directives.

PCBC has accreditations of PCA – AB006, AB011  in the scope of product testing.


We have two accredited, highly specialized and modern testing laboratories:

  • Building Product Laboratory;
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Product Laboratory.

Why it is worth testing products with us

  • transparent and well-coordinated testing process during which manufacturer is on equal terms;
  • modern measuring and testing apparatus;
  • team of engineers and experts with many years of well-established experience;
  • efficient and transparent testing process;
  • professional definition of the level of declared properties of products;
  • extensive documentation of the whole process in the form of comprehensive test reports;
  • creating of product reliability;
  • unfair and unreliable manufacturers are eliminated from the market.

Product testing conducted by PCBC is certainty of maintaining of the highest quality of your products. We know how to realize even the most difficult product assessments in an effective and rational way. Our effectiveness is based on our experience, knowledge and highest competence of our employees.

Fertilizer and Chemical Product Laboratory

Laboratory conducts physical, physicochemical and chemical testing in the scope of accreditation of Polish Centre for Accreditation no AB006.  

Construction Product Laboratory

We conduct fire tests, mechanical tests, physical properties and radiation of raw materials, products and building materials.

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