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Created: 08/11/2018

In the 21st century, the understanding of quality is no longer seen as a synonym of luxury but a challenge in every field of ​​life. Quality is defined, inter alia, from the point of view of manufacturer as well as consumers. Currently, synonyms for “high quality” are: good, brand, good quality, high class, valuable, reliable  product, etc.

However, one should not forget that Plato said in 4th century BC that “Quality is the degree of excellence” and Aristotle, referring to medieval craftsmanship, said that “Quality is determined by the features of a thing”. Quoting E. Deming, it is undeniable that “Quality is a way of thinking that causes that new solutions are applied and constantly being sought”.

Thus, quality is a standard for today’s organizations, and in terms of costs, it becomes clear that a lack of quality is a significant cost for any organization.

                                                                                                       Anna Wyroba, Vice-President of PCBC


November is not only a month of quality for PCBC, when the World Quality Day and the European Quality Week are celebrated. On November 8, 1958, the Resolution of the Council of Ministers on labelling of products with a quality mark was adopted. This is considered to be the beginning of the activity of the Office for Quality Mark in Poland, then transformed into the Central Office for Product Quality. Nowadays, the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification continues this activity, therefore November is for us the beginning of our activity.

To distinguish November as a month of quality, we offer PROMOTION for the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. This system is a tool that enables any company to improve the quality of manufactured products or provided services by continual improvement of methods and means of operation.

PROMOTION –  10 % discount – concerns all customers who will submit the Application for certification of the ISO 9001 management system by the end of November 2018.

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