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Environmental management systems

Description of system

Environmental management systems. Usage requirements and guidelines

Today many companies look for the way to limit the negative impact on the environment. The ecological awareness increases along with requirements in the scope of environmental protection. Finding solutions to problems related to this issue is not only a challenge to scientists and politicians but also to entrepreneurs who most often have direct influence on the surrounding environment. One of the opportunity of deliberate and effective elimination of adverse environmental factors is the implementation and certification of the environmental management system.

The ISO 14001 standard is worked out in such a way that it is applicable to various types of organisations, operating in different industries and in many different social-cultural and geographic circumstances.

The basic objective of the ISO 14001 standard is to support the organisation regardless of its character, size and type in management of its activities, products and services on environment and minimizing of this impact and effective usage of available resources.

The substantial objective of the environmental management system is to create respective conditions for functioning of organisation in such a way that adverse factors affecting the environment are minimized.

Benefits from certification

The benefits resulting from ISO 14001 implementation and certification mostly quoted by organisations.:

  • fulfilment of contractor’s expectations,
  • meeting legal requirements regarding environmental protection
  • improved risk factor management in the scope of environmental protection now and in the future,
  • improved cost control resulting from savings on materials and energy,
  • optimizing of selection of raw materials and products,
  • improved effectiveness of consumption of raw materials, energy and reduction of amount of wastes,
  • waste management,
  • preparation of processes of storage, packing (reusable packaging) and transportation (better use of means of transport),
  • reduction of environmental risk through prior identification of threats and preparation to their occurrence which shall avoid holding the investment due to failing to comply with environmental conditions.

The ISO 14001 management system certification carried out by us is confirmed by both the PCBC certificate and the IQNET Association – The International Certification Network certificate recognized all over the world

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Dedicated to

The ISO 14001 standard is dedicated to each organization which

  • wants to maintain and improve the environmental management system (from small organizations operating in one location to international corporations)
  • operates according to established environmental policy and objectives
  • wants to show conformity of its activities to clients, competitors, surroundings
  • conducts production, processing and service activities

Course of Certification Process


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