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Certification of chemical products - our competences

Chemical products subjected to certification receive a quality guarantee that meets the requirements specified in national, EU or international standards.

The certification is voluntary and constitutes confirmation by an independent third party of the declarations made by the manufacturer regarding the assessed product.

The certificate is issued for 3 years.

We certify chemical products according to the following program:

1/ DBS-02-Z Product certification program. Conformity certification.

It is a program confirming the compliance of the certified product (based on the presented documentation and test report) with the requirements specified in the referenced standard or other normative document.

This type of certification program allows you to confirm the manufacturer’s self-assessment that the developed product formula and the raw materials/ingredients used actually meet the requirements specified in the reference document.

Scope of certification


The certification process is carried out for the following products:

a) Fertilisers:

  •  Mineral – inorganic fertilizers,
  •  Organic,
  •  Organo-mineral,
  • Natural,
  • Liming materials,

b) Plant cultivation supporting product (soil improvers, growth stimulants and growing media),

c) Minerals,

d) Retreaded tires,

e) Other chemical products.

Chemical products can also be certified under the EU Ecolabel program and the EKO program.


  • Marek Klóska

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. Certyfikacji Produktów Nawozowych, Wyrobów i Inspekcji/ Manager of F ertilising Product Certification and Inspection Division

    + 48 667 606 161
  • Helena Stępniak

    +48 727 034 838
  • Damian Wawrzecki

    +48 691 901 245
  • Anna Kłaput

    Kierownik Zespołu ds. Sprzedaży i Rozwoju Rynku/ Manager of Sales and Mark et Development Division

    +48 663 130 063
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