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Created: 10/08/2018

Organic farming is a process conducive to humans and nature.

The organic farming certification system provides consumers with high quality food products through the use of non-invasive production methods that is environmentally friendly.

To guarantee the highest quality of the organic farming products to consumers the certification bodies maintain surveillance of the producers’ activities.

The market of production and sale of products certified with the organic farming logo has been changed very rapidly in recent years.  Activities related to placing of organic products on the market  are not conducted only by stationary ecological shops or designated eco shelves in hypermarkets (trade in organic products) but also online shops. Online sales are also under surveillance of the certification body.

Therefore, online shops and portals should notify their activities to the certification body. The obligation to notify activity and submit their undertakings to the control system is specified in Art. 28.1 of the Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

Why WE?

We are authorized to control and certify the full range of activities in organic farming, i.e.:

– organic growing and livestock farming,

– collection from the natural state,

– beekeeping,

– aquaculture products and seaweeds,

– processing of organic products and production of feeds and yeast,

– placing organic products on the market including products imported from third countries.

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