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Certification of fertilizers – our competence

Within the framework of our competence and long years of experience  we conduct assessment of conformity of fertilizers being marketed with requirements included in:

Regulation (EC) no. 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 October  2003 relating to fertilizers with changes into the „EC FERTILIZER”.

We conduct also certification process of fertilizers supplying plants with nutrients,  increasing fertility of the soil and  increasing fertility of fishponds such as:

  • mineral fertilizers,
  • natural fertilizers,
  • organic fertilizers,
  • organic-mineral fertilizers.

Scope of certification

After having positive assessment producers obtain certificates of conformity manufacturers receive certificates of conformity with the type of fertilizer marked „CE FERTILIZER”, acknowledged in all EU-member states and in the countries cooperating with the European Union.

Obtained certificate of conformity with the type of fertilizer marked “CE FERTILIZER” makes free circulation of fertilizers from Third Countries possible for our customers on the territory of the European Community.

Moreover, within the framework of conducted circulation manufacturers may apply for certificates of conformity acquiring the right to mark their products with such quality characteristics as:

  • EU trade mark called safety mark „B”,
  • mark “Guaranteed Quality”,
  • EC Fertilizer

Confirmation by independent third party is a key element for traceability of certified products on the domestic and foreign markets.

Manufacturers may also apply for certificates confirming conformity with normative documents e.g. Law on fertilizers and fertilizing, Manufacturer’s Declaration.


Zespół ds. Certyfikacji Wyrobów

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  • Helena Stępniak

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  • Damian Wawrzecki

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  • EC Fertilizer

    Is a confirmation of meeting EU requirements.

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