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Utworzono: 30/09/2015

IQNet 25th anniversary

2015 was a memorable year for IQNet. The celebrations of IQNet’s 25th anniversary took place from Estoril to Milan, from Switzerland to each one of our partners’ countries.
During this year we had the opportunity to share the spirit of IQNet with all of the IQNet Partners, with our clients and other stakeholders, and to progress on strengthening the Network, through further involvement and cooperation.
Although it is relevant to adequately commemorate special dates or events, it is also important to make the best use of the celebration to honour what was accomplished so far and to discuss the challenges we face nowadays, so that strategic directions can be defined and a clear signal for the future can be sent to all interested parties.
We also had the opportunity to consolidate on-going projects and launch new initiatives. A lot is still to be done but the steps we’ve already accomplished demonstrate that we are in the right path and that, with everyone’s assistance, we will be successful.
This newsletter clearly demonstrates the diversity, the competence and the commitment of IQNet Partners and I want to praise and thank every contribution.
With best regards,
Michael Drechsel
IQNet President

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